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Surrounded by the animals of the Wyld and looking for a way to not get mauled, Julian sat down and began to speak.

Once upon a time...

There was silence. It was deafening and cold, loud and hot. It's buzz filled the ears of all and pressed hard upon the hearts of the cold, unknowing world. The movement caused no waves. The breath caused no air. Death caused no comotion. Life caused no grief.

Because of this there was no way to touch. hands or hearts or souls. This disturbed the things which feed on dreams. This came to mean their with drawl. The withdrawl caused anxiaty and the anxiaty caused pain.

The lights shone bright, the earth was firm and the waters soothing but the world could not dream for dreams could not be heard. There was a breaking of the mind. What was once firm left itself open and bloom. The solid form of living found itself loseing its spark. And that was horrid. So it tried to reach the stuff of dreams.

No movmenet, no thought could pearce the vail, and so the world seems about to die, a forgoten memory of what could have been. So horrid was this possibility that as one the light and the darkness cried out. Agony, hope, love of self and fear for that of others reached into the horizons.

Possibilities shattered forth in waves of color and sound. It mewled, it hissed, it cried, it howled. There were squeeks and twitters and screams. It carried on and on and on until - in that moment perfect all those sounds became one. Bel canto en perfecto. When something so horrid, so discordant, becomes loud enough to pearce the heavens and sound there cries to old gawds.

They heard, they came, they saw the bleak cold world and gave it fire. They gave it tools, and they gave it beauty. And now there is nothing more to say, but to sing. A cry until the old gawds, to the sprits that save or singe, who bless or curse and every one who serves. For we are sprits all, crying for the sound of dreams so that the temporary flesh has meaning.

Listen to my voice...."

Julian begins to sing.

"Mi Incanta o dei della luce e del buio / ombre cadono sulla mia forma e il fuoco brucia la mia anima / ho potuto dare un motivo in totale a riassumere tutti i miei peccati / Nulla avrebbe avuto importanza per lui / Ho a lungo per il tuo tocco di nuovo / Portare al mio mondo abbandonato il ricordo dei sogni / Dove e non ho mai fallito e tutto era inizio / Vieni strisciare nella mia carne / Vieni rastrello in tutta la mia anima / il mio sangue sarà vapore / Il mio corpo pausa / non darò una cura / Finché tu sei nella mia mente posso dimenticare quello che mi ha messo attraverso / Quando il mio tempo è grigio e sono andato il mio brano sarà resinate per voi."

Silently he rose from the pile of sleeping animals curled about him and sneaked away because kin do not take on the Wyld with out an escape plan.

(For those who don't do bad Italian translations ... I swear the man knows fluent Italian... I don't... The song is :

Enchant me o gods of light and dark / Shadows fall upon my form and fire burn my soul / I could give you a reason in total to sum up all my sins / Nothing would matter for it/ I long for your touch again / Bring to my forsaken world the memory of dreams / Where you and I never failed and everything was begining / Come crawl into my flesh / Come rake across my soul / My blood will steam / My body break / I won't give a care / So long as you are in my mind I can forget what you put me through / When my time is grey and I am gone my song will resinate for you

Which he had 8 successes for. Oh yeah. If a kin could be a Skald he would. )
Julian vs. A cure.
The wyld set me on fire with powder. I had to get away from it. This is what Julian did.
When I was a pup I had a bunch of friends. Being the tallest I could reach the cookie jar and that made it a lot easier. One day my friends come over for a birthday party. I cannot begin to tell you how confused I was.

Here I am, Get of Fenris, father is a mighty Alpha Modi and my mother doesn't celebrate not dieing. I walk into my friend's house and his mother, the Walker, has all these sweets and games... I thought I died and went to Valhalla.

Now, knowing my mother wouldn't approve coddling or giving an impressionable cub the idea that they should get something for not dieing from stupid, there was only one gift. True to form, it was electronic. One of those color match games that lights up and makes you memorize a pattern.

Now, I'm five and I have no idea what's going on, but I like it. So I proudly display my toy when I get home and explain it was a gift and birthdays should have cakes. That did not go over well. Both of my brothers, my dad, even my aunt got involved in explaining to me how over indulgences make you weak.

Be honest with yourself. When you were five, how much attention did you pay to lectures that said cake was bad and toys were wasteful? Bet you the answer is never. I wasn't much different. Silently I hung my head as I sat on the porch listening to adult after adult tell me things I didn't want to hear.

Eventually my mind began to wonder. I think they could tell, too. They started talking about my friend's mom and her sneaky plot to undermined the strength of the aetlings and blah ba blah blah blah.

It ran right over my head. All I really remember clearly is sitting there with this new toy and saying out loud,

"I don't get it. Who is Simon and why is he so bossy?"

My father says, "He must be a true born."

At the same time my aunt sneers out "Fang", while rolling her eyes.

Everyone laughed and I sat there wondering why the hell my new toy needed alcoholic anonymous meetings to work. Were they trying to say something?


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